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Ross Breitenbach, our founder and CEO, is an industry veteran and longtime showrunner. He cut his teeth in news & documentaries, producing and directing for CBS, ABC, FOX and PBS. He soon started multi-cam directing in the blossoming reality genre and was nominated for an award for Excellence in Directing by the DGA. This established Breitenbach as a respected force in this new genre propelling him into an Executive Producer role of series development and show running. He has personally worked on over thirty series at almost all the cable and broadcast networks, digital platforms and studios during his celebrated career in the entertainment business.


With over twenty years of experience showrunning and producing, Breitenbach continues to create innovative programming to elevate the unscripted genre. He frequently works with A-list talent, in-front of and behind the camera. He is a skilled story-teller in the field as well as in post.


He also manages his staff and crew with respect, attracting a loyal and dedicated production team.

He is currently repped by William Morris Endeavor.


Contact us here to learn more about what we can do for you and here to learn more about our past projects

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