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Combined Network Logos.png

Series                                                          Network                          Credit  


Too Stupid To Die                                                       MTV/Gunpowder & Sky        Co-Production Company & EP (Show Runner)


Dr. Miami                                                                      WE tv                                      Co-Production Company & EP (Show Runner)


Yoga Girls                                                                     Z-Living                                  Co-Production Company & Executive Producer

LA Hair 4                                                                       WE tv                                      Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Hollywood Cycle                                                          E!                                             Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Big Tips Texas                                                              MTV                                        Production Company & EP (Show Runner)


Bachata Nights                                                             MTV                                        Co-Production Company & EP (Show Runner)


Big Rich Texas 3+Reunion Special                             Style                                        Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Baseball Wives                                                             VH1                                          Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Texas Women 2                                                           CMT                                         Executive Producer/ Show Runner

The World According to Paris                                     Oxygen                                   Executive Producer/ Show Runner


The Dudesons                                                              MTV                                        Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Sober House                                                                 VH1                                         Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Running in Heels                                                          E!/ STYLE                                Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Ruby: Down Under                                                       STYLE                                     Executive Producer/ Show Runner

Yo Momma: ATL                                                           MTV                                        Co-Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Band in a Bubble                                                          MTV                                        Co-Executive Producer/ Show Runner


Yo Momma: NYC                                                          MTV                                        Co-Executive Producer/ Show Runner

Yo Momma: LA                                                             MTV                                         Co-Executive Producer/ Show Runner

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