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  • Does your show idea currently exist?

    • Great minds think alike, so do some research to make sure your idea or a very similar one isn’t already on TV.

  • Does your show idea have talent attached?

    • It’s great to be able to have a show idea that includes a celebrity or a certain person or group of people, but if they’re not already attached, it’ll be really hard to sell the show.

  • Is your show unscripted?

    • While we’d like to take on potentially amazing scripts, we specialize in unscripted programming.

  • Is your idea easy to understand?

    • If you can’t easily explain it, audiences won’t get it. Also be sure to tell us why this idea should be a show.

   If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then we want to hear your idea!

   Please attach this signed form and send to

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